Media: Picking Your Hits

My FiOS system has three or four channels that are all old TV shows and not much else. I would like to see a lot of these to find out if I still appreciate them as I once did. A lot of these are at inconvenient times and I’m not willing to get up at 6 AM just to watch one show on TV. Second, I refuse to watch four minutes of commercials for every 10 minutes of TV or whatever that awful ratio is. I can’t even follow the show. This means that the answer as to the Fun Factor generally is “no.”

Surprisingly, I find The Mary Tyler Moore Show still makes me laugh more than most others except for I Love Lucy. Both shows have excellent writing. Most of my old favorites have a very short shelflife, it turns out. I have written about this before. I can’t imagine what I ever saw that was funny in Jack Benny. But his contemporary, the gang on Sid Caesar’s Your Show of Shows, still puts me on the floor. And no one knows why. Except, of course, great writing plays a part.

Of course this is moot unless you have a DVR running. But if you’re picking off TV shows with this indispensable gadget, there’s a lot to choose from. Most have been on TV for years, but some I have not seen in many decades. Such as:

77 Sunset Strip

Wanted Dead or Alive

Have Gun Will Travel

One Step Beyond

The Life and Times of Wyatt Earp

Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Hill Street Blues

Naked City


Miami Vice

The Bob Newhart Show

Dick Cavett’s interview show


…and many others.

I am looking now at my channel guide and I see these are on my Fios in: COZI TV,
Antenna TV, and
Me TV.
The extra I spend on my recorder gives me at least 10 times as many choices every day. And it’s interesting to see what shows that once used to entertain me still do, while others have faded over the years.

The future isn’t what it used to be.

== PT

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