Tech: Gadget Evolution

Somebody once said that most technology moves through three phases: First it’s a novelty or a toy; next it comes into common use; and third, it starts being used for things its developers never imagined.

Last night I was watching “Mountain Men.” Marty, in Alaska, has a new snow machine but on a 150 mile trek home he was having problems with it. There hasn’t been enough snow on the ground to properly run a snowmachine. These machines need 4 inches of snow and a recent forest fire heated and blackened so many trees that their roots have kept the ground warmer than usual. Plus there’s a warming trend in the climate. So, not enough snow. This happens fairly often these days in Alaska.

So Marty was sweating the point of no return. And then it occurred to me that if he had a tiny drone, he could send it up the trail ahead and see just how far he had to go to find snow again or else turn around. That might be his “killer application.”

My brother-in-law eschews gadgetry, but now he uses deer cams and I helped him to get the most out of the one he has. It takes pictures of anything that moves nearby all day and all night and Sonny just collects the pictures and put some on a display gadget so he can see what kind of traffic he is getting near his tree stand and ground blind. In the same way, I imagine hunters in Alaska might send up drones to help them find game as well. When they are hunting caribou and such, it’s quite a longshot to find a herd.

You “herd” it here first. 😉



== PT

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