Life: Race Bait

From AWordADay:


Email of the Week — Brought to you by Old’s Cool — It’s not too late to show your mother you love her.
From: Ivan Tomek (ivan.tomek
Subject: This week’s intro
Your introduction today struck a special chord with me. I am originally Czech and came to Canada almost 50 years ago. I taught computing at a small university, retired, and live in a small town enjoying retirement. Like you, I want my “new” country to be strong, compassionate, and forward-looking.
Like you (but for different reasons) I decided to run marathons; I was 74 years old when I ran my first one, shortly after a surgery. Now I have done about 15 around the world, two Boston marathons among them, one just a few weeks ago — and I improved by 26 minutes compared to last year. My secret plan (only two people know about it; now three) is to do an ultramarathon in the Fall.
Ivan Tomek, Wolfville, Canada

Only 15? Real men (and women) run 40 marathons in 40 days. Just kidding. I hope to be half as active as you are when I’m your age. Best wishes with the ultramarathon! (now only 8391203493749334 people know the secret! We all will be cheering for you. Keep us posted.)
-Anu Garg
From: Scott Kuhle (scottkuhle
Subject: Mind tricks
I am a bicycle rider and my mind trick is this: when I have ridden one mile on a 50-mile ride, I dauntingly realize that I’ve only gone 1/50 of the distance – thinking about the 49 miles yet to ride, I wonder if I will be able to complete 50 miles. At the end of the next mile, I calculate that I’ve completed 2/50 or 1/25 of the ride. Psychologically, I’ve cut the distance magically in half. At mile 4 I’ve ridden 4/50 or 1/15 of my ride – in only four miles I’ve gone from 1/50 to 1/15. I continue this for the duration of the ride, and at mile 45, I’m 9/10 of the way done – wow, nearly home. This mind trick at each mile keeps my 80-year-old math synapses firing as my odometer ticks off each mile and my spirits high. Some people who prefer percentages may find their mind trick is: 2%, and then 4% (4% is double so that feels good), then 4 miles = 8% which is double that, and then pretty soon I’m 50% done. At 45 miles you are 90% done which is an “A” so just like in college you can coast the last 5 miles.
Scott Kuhle, Pullman, Washington


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