Tech: Great early photos! out in 1918.


This couple pose in an early version of American Gothic, with a groundhog killed on their Manchester farm. It’s dinner!

Note: Photo taken circa 1914, from a family photo album.


Standing over one of her many trophy mule deer, subsistence-and-sport huntress “Gusty” Wallihan appears every inch the frontier matron with her dressy bonnet, prairie-pattern cartridge belt, floral-em broidered gauntlets, hunting knife, and Remington-Hepburn rifle. 1895


At least this one won’t be quite as dangerous as the old single wheeled models.

Look in the trailer over the back wheel. They have their baby in there!


This was the approved way to change the street lamps in 1910. Cool!


A single Paddy Wagon. Never knew they had such a vehicle! This is way cool.


Here is an early motorhome, built in 1926.


This is a travel tent accessory built in 1910.


These are vintage treadmills in the 1920’s.


This is a 1920’s refrigerator.

Only the elite could afford such a thing, and most still had the old ice boxes.


A hair dryer in the 1920 Salon. What a contraption!


Chester E. Macduffee next to his newly patented, 250 kilo diving suit, 1911


A postcard from the 1800’s advertising a knife throwing act with the traveling circus.


A Strongwoman balances a piano and the pianist on her chest. 1920


London, in the 1920’s, this was a telephone engineer. What a job!


A Gibson Girl in her corset in the early 1900’s. Those poor women.

This was one fad That really hurt a lot of women for life.

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One Response to Tech: Great early photos!

  1. Robert W Jones says:

    That first picture reminded me of what my daughter-in-law’s grandmother told us about camping in the 1920s. Her parents left Bucks County for a week of camping at Atlantic City in a car just like that one. They had 5 flats along the way. (That’s about a flat every 15 miles.) They carried live chickens in crates on top of the car! I bet they looked like the Beverly Hillbillies

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