Politics: Foresight on 2020

You read it here first….

A hundred bucks says The Donut will be out of office before Election Day 2020.

He is The Dog That Caught The Car.

Surprisingly, I think he is doing the right thing in the wrong way or for the wrong reasons but still—Close enough: He is making hay while he is relatively popular. (His approval numbers will only go down—with some delay in the decline if he gets us into (another) war.) He’s giving speeches to his base to get contributions. So is Pence. Pence is pivoting to become president. Most likely before 2020.

Trump’s numbers will bottom out at 25%. The Russia probe can only speed the process. Trump will resign, blaming everyone in an ungrateful nation. They turned down the great gift of his service and wisdom. He’ll play the victim, the martyr, as narcissists do.

The downside will be that hard core 25%: The Deplorables. Where will they go? They already waged a political guerrilla war for eight years. Who will be their new paladin? Not Pence. Pence will be in the same spot as Gerald Ford was.

The country may never be the same. But it will be better than it is now.

== PT

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