Politics: “Are These Accurate?” Part 2

In response to an August 9 email touting 45’s positive achievements, I noted (to someone) that Trump’s lies and hypocrisy worry me as much as anything else about him. I didn’t think I needed to support my opinion, but it’s so easy to do that I feel obliged to give it equal time. Even judged by the low bar of leaders and politicians, The Donald is a world-class prevaricator.

William Safire, at one time Nixon’s speechwriter, once famously called Hillary Clinton a “pathological liar”—and trotted out evidence to back up his claim. Imagine if he had lived long enough to witness President Trump.

P.S., I’m forwarding this before reading it myself. I think I know what I will read in “the failing New York Times.” (Times revenues last quarter were up, BTW.)


President Trump’s Lies, the Definitive List – The New York Times



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