Life: It’s Not Just Me

I liked this brain surgeon’s first book very, very much. So I’m looking forward to this next one…

“But in this book, Marsh has retired, which means he’s taking a thorough inventory of his life. His reflections and recollections make “Admissions” an even more introspective memoir than his first, if such a thing is possible. And because he’s getting older, his own mortality has become a central preoccupation — if his brain were a pie chart, death would be a fairly substantial slice.”


“Only in America have I seen so much treatment devoted to so many people with such little chance of making a useful recovery.”

== PT

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One Response to Life: It’s Not Just Me

  1. Robert Warren Jones says:

    I have been thinking lately about the number of things I “know” because I take someone’s word for it. I don’t know if Attila the Hun was a bad man or if Robert E. Lee what a decent chap – I take someone’s word for it When Jesus was about to be wrongfully executed, he told his nervous and doubtful compatriots that he was going away and was going to be preparing a place for them. I have known older people who, at the end of their lives, were counting on that promise of that place prepared for them. Knowing that we are only here temporarily, I am content to take Jesus at his word.

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