Society: Cucking stool – Wikipedia

I’m watching a recording of an old Alfred Hitchcock episode. In reference to a guillotine, he mentions a tumbril. I looked up tumbril on my gadget. And here we are…

Amazing. Back in the 60s, when the show was on, would anybody have stopped what they were doing to run to the dictionary to look up such a word? No. And now I can stop time into planes.

I love the Interwebs!

== PT
From iPhone

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3 Responses to Society: Cucking stool – Wikipedia

  1. Robert Warren Jones says:

    I love the convenience of my Kindle. ANy new word can be highlighted and looked up in Wikipedia immediately. Easy interactive learning is great. I am reading a book now by James MacDonald. At the end of a chapter, he says, “Take a minute now and look at this video for more insight into the subject.” The hyperlink makes the book an innovative learning experience. I love the modern world!

    • PT47 says:

      I have been saying the same thing for years! When you’re reading a book about music, there should be a link that you click on so you can hear the music. This happens on a lot of webpages but not on Kindles yet, nor on audiobooks. But surely it is coming!

      Sadly, when I say things like this, people think I am anti-book. Absolutely the contrary! Books will be better than ever before and they won’t have to live in big buildings.

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