I just spent a lot of money getting my car fixed – ironically, from not driving it enough. Yesterday I drove to the dealer to make an appointment for some more work. The good news is: I’ll be getting back some withheld tax money this year, and that will help a lot.

At the car dealer, I noticed that my insurance agent’s office is less than a block away. So I stopped in to see if I was eligible for any discounts now that I drive so little every year.

Progressive has a program where you plug a gadget into your car‘s computer and it tracks your mileage for a period of time and you can get a reduced rate based on that. I had no luck figuring that out on the website and the agent didn’t do much better in his office. He ended up talking with someone on the phone who eventually concluded that my policy was so old that they couldn’t add this gadget feature on to it.

What options did I have? Really, none except to write a new policy. So the agent wrote me a new policy. I can still do the mileage measuring trick but it isn’t likely to affect my rate much. On the other hand, getting a new policy has factored in all sorts of changes and updates over the years so that I went from paying $460 semiannually to now paying $200 twice a year.


==== Day Insurance | Doylestown, PA 18902

== PT

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2 Responses to Saving$

  1. WhydoItrysohard says:

    so, for Years I have driven a Company owned car/van..whatever.
    I have also had My own Personal Car/Truck/Van..whatever…I always told my agent that my personal car just sat..and I would only drive it on weekends…He said It didn’t matter…( well, they did take about 5% off the total. but, that was it.

    • .. says:

      Maybe you should visit Day Insurance. I posted a link.

      Meanwhile, I have been notified by email that my mileage measuring gadget has been shipped and will arrive soon. I don’t expect it to make a difference, as I said, but on the other hand, if your insurance policy is as old as mine maybe you could save money by updating as I did. Go Progressive! 😯

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